What is a Good CTR?

Here we'll measure and estimate 'a good CTR' on prominent ad platforms: Google, Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram. In addition, we'll consider banner ads in general and email click-through rate.
13 January, 2021

Identifying a good click-through-rate for your business can be a tough nut to crack. You'll find tons of articles on what the ideal CTR is but should you trust them? Well, that depends on a host of factors:

  1. Are you keeping up with the industry?
  2. Are you aware of your KPI?
  3. Are you into estimating the CTR and conversions?

Even then, the knowledge regarding the ideal CTR would remain insufficient. Why?

Because you won't be marketing your products and services on a single platform, would you? Obviously, you'll explore different channels, and every one of them would operate differently as per its algorithm.

Since we are well aware of the sophistication that engulfs the definition of a good CTR, we have outlined estimations for prominent channels in this article.

Google Ads (previously Google Adwords) is the ideal choice when it comes to advertising on the utterly dynamic search engine. Although keeping up with the potential of Google Ads is a daunting task, if you get it right, you're on your way to driving unicorn ads.

Before we get into details, just so you know, CTR varies as per the industry. For instance, if the average CTR is 4% and you, as an E-commerce firm, are stagnant at 3%, there's absolutely no reason to be disheartened because the average CTR for the E-commerce industry is 2.41% (Google Ads Benchmarks, Wordstream).

That said — when encompassing all the industries, the average CTR comes out to be 3.17% for search-related ads and 0.46% for the display.

To that end, experts presume an excellent CTR to lie somewhere between 2% and 5%. It can be much higher in case the industry bears low-competition.

What is a good CTR for Facebook Ads?

Another great channel for advertising is Facebook — a platform serving more than 2.7 billion people. (Active Facebook users, Statista)

To set a benchmark for your campaigns, it is always good to know what CTR is good for the products/services being advertised.

Research and surveys (Databox, Ad Ops Daily) reveal that anything above 3% is commendable. But, for Facebook, the sky is the limit as some marketers also report having scored above 10% consistently.

What is a good CTR for Instagram Ads?

Talk about a visual appeal in 2021, and Instagram always tops the marketing priorities. But, the CTR is not as high as one would expect — 0.22% on average.

This might be due to the fact that visual appeal needs to be spot on, and there's hardly any room for organic search.

But who knows if the new keyword search update (The Verge) could change the landscape altogether?

What is a good CTR for LinkedIn Ads?

LinkedIn — the world's biggest professional platform with possibly the sanest minds. It is here that you can get quality leads.

But with the most credible audience comes the lowest probability of people being interested in your services. Yes, that's true. That's precisely why Linkedn's CTR rests at 0.06%. (CXL)

What is a good CTR for YouTube Ads?

The second largest search engine and, undoubtedly, the best platform to advertise. What's better than a video explaining the pros of your offerings?

This fantastic platform suffices some of the highest average CTRs — 5%. (Bigcommerce) Amazing, isn't it?

In that case, you must give your heart and soul to YouTube campaigns. After all, they are going to get you leads.

What is a good CTR for Banner Ads?

Converting clients through Banner Ads is generally challenging. Their reach is good, but the CTR and conversions are minimal. But then again, they are integral to the display network.

Therefore, automatically, the expectations from Banner Ads are low, and anything above 2% is a welcome sign.

What is a good CTR for Email campaigns?

Email newsletters are generally the most straightforward interventions for catching a prospect's attention. You can formulate your emails according to the status of the lead — hot, mild, cold.

To that end, surveys (Campaign Monitor) suggest that the average CTR for emails is about 2.5%. In case you're recording more than that — all's good in the world.


Let's do a recap of a good CTR for all the advertising platforms.

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