The Best Client Onboarding Software that You Should Use in 2021

In the article, we will discuss onboarding software solutions and give you some examples of what impact they can have on customer activation and retention.
03 February, 2021

While many companies understand the importance of onboarding for running a successful business, not all of them get the most out of the process. Today many techniques help new users adapt to digital products faster and easier. But to get the best possible performance out of them, they need to be combined using complex onboarding platforms.

In the article, we will discuss such software solutions and give you some examples of what impact they can have on customer activation and retention.


Appcues is a platform that specializes in several critical aspects of a quality onboarding process. It offers clients the best software solutions not only for new users onboarding but also for collecting customer feedback, faster feature adoption, in-product alerts, and better self-service support.

Appcues customer onboarding software

Their customer onboarding software relies on 3 techniques to effectively create a good first impression with new users and guide them to “Aha!-moments. First of all, they suggest starting a user's journey around the site with a personalized greeting using modals. To make new customers feel special, Appcues modals can also be customized as micro-surveys with multiple choice answers, each of which will correspond to a unique user journey. In addition, realizing that time-to-value reduction plays a huge role in new users’ onboarding, this service allows you to create guides that are targeted to specific user segments.

Ultimately, with Appcues, you can not only build a unique onboarding experience for your visitors but also analyze it for further optimization. Here you can target the needed audience segments based on their behavior or other metrics, assign intermediate goals for each user group to track the effectiveness of your onboarding, and use analytics to optimize the process.

Starting at $249/mo

A case study from Amplitude

If you've been living under a rock and never heard of Amplitude, this is one of the fastest-growing analytics services in the world. Their problem was that, due to the nature of their product, it was difficult for new users to find any value in it. And this was quite logical, because in this case, after registration, people saw only empty dashboards.

To deal with this problem, Amplitude created a self-service demo with a tour of the product using Appcues. This tour takes users through 6 screens of template data and explains key features and metrics to them using simple tooltips. As a result, 18% of potential customers who viewed the demo reached out to sales for more information on Amplitude, which is a great lead generation result. [Appcues Blog]


The core value proposition of this platform is to create focused onboarding that guides new users to the core value of the product as quickly as possible. Userpilot allows you to segment leads by user-persona and their in-app actions, so you can offer different user groups personalized, unique experiences at the start. The main onboarding tricks here are unobtrusive tooltips and checklists. The tooltips are designed to encourage people to learn important features, while the checklists should convince users that only a few steps are separating them from getting value from the product.

Userpilot client onboarding solution

In the context of analytics, Userpilot invites you to track a success goal that you can assign to each branch of your onboarding flow. This allows you to understand how well users of different segments are adapting to a product or site.

Starting at $249/mo

A case study from Kontentino

Kontentino is a social media management tool that allows you to schedule content posts and collaborate. Trying to find a solution that would be as effective as possible in terms of time and money for better and faster features adoption, their product manager turned to Userpilot.

Thanks to a step-by-step guide that consisted of interactive tooltips and a simple checklist showing people onboarding progress, Kontentino saw positive results very soon. After just a month of using Userpilot, their activation rate for new users increased by 10%. This means that due to this platform, in just 30 days, they were able to show the main value of their product to a 10% larger audience of potential customers. [Userpilot Blog]


Userguiding is also an all-in-one onboarding solution, which many companies already call the easiest one available on the market. Like previous platforms, to use it on the site, you do not have to burden your developers with unnecessary work, since only no-code onboarding methods are offered here.

Userguiding onboarding software

With Userguiding, you can create interactive product tours that combine modals with visual cues that highlight the needed interface elements. Besides that, the platform invites new users to master unfamiliar functions using mini-guides that are attached to the desired button, field, or link. You can also communicate important information to existing customers through in-app notifications and onboarding checklists.

An important distinguishing feature of Userguding is Net Promoter Score surveys, which can be used to get feedback from the audience and then optimize the onboarding process.

Starting at $166/mo

A case study from Plandisc

Plandisc is a popular planning tool that combines all the events you have noted during the year into one big picture that can be easily analyzed. This team had no problem attracting new users - they just wanted to somehow improve their long-term retention and encourage them to learn important features.

When they implemented Userguiding onboarding techniques into their product, user engagement began to grow. At first, Plandisc created several product tours and a progress checklist for new customers, and then also applied hotspots, which surprised them with incredibly fast results. After the first week of using hotspots for a specific function, the activity of interaction with this function had increased by 15%. [Userguiding Blog]


Onboarding can come in many different formats, but the most important thing about it is how well you can use all of these elements. The services which were mentioned above will help you combine onboarding techniques quickly, without large costs and additional burden on your team but remember that there are a lot of other alternative platforms on the market that can be tailored to your needs much better.